About the Book

About the Book

Saudade Summer by Donald D Senese, nostalgic memoir



Young Donny experienced a summer like no other: hanging with his buddies, spending time with family, and falling in love for the first time with a wonderful girl. Little did he know how that summer love would play out so many years later.

Saudade (pronounced SAU-da-gee) is a Portuguese word meaning “a type of nostalgia”—an intense and indescribable feeling of yearning for someone or something, and the desire to relive moments that have passed, or may never have happened. 

The word cannot be translated to English because it has no words to do justice to the deep feelings Saudade conveys. Three years ago, I found myself in this state of mind without an explanation. To uncover the answer I relived my past, drawing on memories from my later years in elementary school, my early years in high school, and beyond. It has been quite a journey.

Publication Date

December 4, 2021





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